Monday, 17 February 2014

River cruises in Russia

Russia is the most beautiful country with rich spiritual and cultural-historic heritage. The number of tourists looking for a vacation in Russia rises every year. They are both citizens of Russia and foreigners. Russian river cruises gains popularity. There is a possibility to spend a vacation near a river in Russia according to one’s taste. 
Russian River Cruises
Russian River Cruises
It is possible to perform river cruises in Russia on a majestic, grand river with slow flowing water on a comfortable, snowy-white steam-ship, or one can use kayaks to swim fast rivers with thresholds, arranging lodging for the night in tents. Fishing with a fishing tackle and then to prepare tasty fish soup with a smoke on a fire.

There is everything needed on modern comfortable steam-ships for vacation with family and kids, for newly-married couples and a group of friends and just for people wishing to enjoy quiet and tranquillity. Goodwiling personnel, variety of everything, tasty and healthy food, comfortable and cosy cabins will help to spend an unforgettable, highly-grade holiday. 

Conveniently having arranged in a chaise lounge on a deck to sunbathe under the tender and gentle sun of Russia, one can breathe fresh and pure river air, observe of changing landscapes, admire risings and declines on the river. Cruise over the river is magnificent possibility to familiarize with Russia, its people, customs, art and architecture monuments. 

Swiming from one occupied place to another one should definitely have a good rest. The most known river cruises are laid by large rivers of Russia. It is the river Lena, the river Yenisei, the river Volga, the river Amur, the river Ural, the river Kolyma, the river Don. Russia is famous and proud for it’s rivers. 

The most demanded cruise for today is cruise over the biggest river of Europe and the 16th by length in the world - the Volga. Volga river cruises are really something. The Volga by it’s look is specially created for river travel. During cruise over Volga tourists visit such cities as Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Cheboksary, Myshkin, Astrakhan, Kazan. For a long time Russian tribes lodged on coast of the rivers. Built houses, churches, monasteries. So there were settlements, which evolved into big cities. 

The ancient Russian architecture is interesting to scientific historians and usual tourists. Making cruise by rivers tourists from different points of view can behold the beauty of Old Russian architecture opens. Plans of river cruises include visiting of cities, historical places, the museums located ashore or near to the rivers. 

Cruises over the Siberian rivers is a unique possibility to get acquainted with the greatness of Siberian nature, to cross some geographical belts, to visit prominent cities and settlements, to get acquainted with ceremonies and customs of local residents. 

One of sights of the river Lena is «Lensky Cheeks» which consists of four enormous rocks in height to 250 meters. The echo from steam-ship hooter is reflected in 24 multiple size. On Lena there are no dams and hydroelectric power stations. On coast majestic pines, larches, cedars grows. 

All history of the capital of Russia - the city of Moscow, is closely connected with the Moskva River. Cruise over the Moskva River is very interesting, pleasant and informative. Such cruises over the Moskva River will be interesting not only to visitors of capital, but also to local population. From a deck of the snow-white liner everyone can open for himself the magnificence and beauty of the capital of Russia and will be fascinated by outlines of historical sights of the city. 

River cruise will be a pleasant and remembered event in life of any person. Every person must make a river cruise at least once in lifetime. And for children it is a unique possibility to get acquainted with beauty of nature, to get acquainted with history and an architectural heritage of the beauty of Russia. 

Kama the river, Kama the beautiful, “Kamushka” - the greatest and the most important river of Western Ural Mountains, the largest inflow of Volga, a symbol of the Perm region. The reservoir of this mighty river exceeds the area of any European state, except France. Beauty of its coast are unique. 

Rock paintings, strange Lensky columns - steep, absolutely steep rocks, a fantastic island “Stolb” changing the outlines depending on distance and weather conditions... And not everything that it is possible to see it, travelling on one of the greatest rivers of the world - the Lena. 

With the approach of spring revives the favourite type of transport of townspeople – river trams revives. Cruises over the Moskva River have become beloved not only by the inhabitants of the capital, but also all those who comes there. The river tram will allow to behold the best townscape for as short time as possible, to make unique photos of monuments of architecture and just fine landscapes and kinds of capital from the most unusual vantage points... 

The Moskva River has it’s begining near the village of Starkovo of Uvarovsky area as a small stream in the big bog which name sometimes "the Moskvoretsk pool" . On the Moskva River there are cities (besides the capital city): Mozhaisk, Zvenigorod, a Krasnogorsk, Dzerzhinsky, Lytkarino, Zhukovsky, Ramensky, Bronnitsy, Voskresensk, Kolomna. 92 inflows run into the Moskva River, and they serve as a source for a large quantity of majestic rivers and small ones, streams; the pool of the Moskva River is adjoined by 362 rivers and about 550 streams... 

It is interesting to visit any of the Volga region cities, having chosen corresponding cruise route.